Liberal Democrats Select Laura McCarthy

Councillor Laura McCarthy has been confirmed as the Liberal Democrats’ Candidate for the Meriden constituency in the event of a general election.

Laura McCarthy was elected as Councillor for Elmdon in May 2018 and represents the ward on Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council.  Since her election, Laura has built a strong reputation as a passionate and hard-working local advocate and voice for those she was elected to represent.

Following her selection Laura said, “I’m honoured to have been selected to stand in the seat of Meriden.  I grew up between here and Oxfordshire and to have been chosen to represent my home is a privilege.
“Meriden is a wonderful place to live and work but for too long now the people of Meriden have been demanding better.  They need someone who will listen to their concerns and act on them.  Someone who will be there if they need help in their worst times.  Someone who will fight for them.  I am that person and I’m asking the people of Meriden to let me prove it to them.”

Laura McCarthy was elected as Councillor for Elmdon in May 2018.  She is married with two children and is a small business owner in addition to her role as Councillor.  Since she was elected as Councillor, Laura has built a reputation for herself, championing the rights of borough residents, particularly the most vulnerable.

Laura’s entrance in to politics was accidental; she was working within her local community on the school PTA and helping to launch a community group when she was asked to consider standing as a Councillor.  Laura said, “It took a lot of convincing.  I was working part-time whilst launching a small business.  I hadn’t considered a life in politics.

“What I am is hard working, genuine, and empathetic though.  There are too many career politicians in Westminster who have forgotten why they were elected.  I feel strongly that things need to change and the only way change will happen is if you stand up and do something about it.  So I did, and I won.

“Helping people is an incredible experience, there is nothing like being able to give someone the good news that you’ve solved their problem, that you’ve helped make their life a little easier.

“That’s why I am standing for election as MP for Meriden.”

“I believe that everyone should be given the best possible chance in life; whether this is through a strong education, keeping our streets safe, or helping local businesses prosper.  I will continue to fight for this for the people I am elected to represent.

“Meriden deserves better and I want to be the person to deliver that.”

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